Apr 26
Sun 10:45am


Sunday, April 26, 2015 – noon (after the 10:30 service)

Sunday, April 26, 2015 – during Sunday School for children

The meetings will last about one hour.

Here are the questions to consider:

1. What brought you to St Benedict? Why do you stay? What are you most excited about at St Benedict?

2. What do we do best?

3. What are your hopes and dreams for the future of St Benedict? What are our challenges as we look to the future? What changes might we need to make?

May 10
Sun 9:15am

Coming up in May, there will be a Lector/EM minister refresher training for all those who serve in this way. If you would like to be a lector or EM, you can join us on May 10 at 9:15am in the fellowship hall/classroom section.

Apr 25
Sat 3:00pm

We offer a wonderful meal every 3rd Saturday to all those who need a meal and conversation. It is truly the "Hands of Christ in the Heart of Lacey". We also partner with the Thurston County Food Bank on this day to provide a helping hand.

Apr 25
Sat 8:00am

All men are welcome to come and share fellowship and breakfast. Our guest speaker to be announced.

The Rev. George Anne McDonnell shares her thoughts on Reconciliation.

Can you relate to Dr. Who's spaceship, Tardis - Time and Relative Dimension in Space? Rev. George Anne McDonnell talks with our youth about Lent.

Alleluia! The Lord has risen!

May 30
Sat 9:00am

To raise awareness concerning issues of sexual and emotional abuse, and to provide tools for prevention that we can all use to protect our children from harm, promote safety and bring healing, the Diocese requires this training for clergy , youth workers, volunteers, and bishop's committee members. The training session is four hours and needs to be accomplished once every four years. This program is mandatory for all those who share their gifts of ministry with our children and is open to interested parishioners as well.

We are currently reading The Shack and The Shack Revisited by William P. Young.

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