Jun 6
Sat 7:45am

All women are welcome to join us on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at 7:45. We are just beginning to read Bible Women; All Their Words and Why They Matter by Lindsay Hardin Freeman. Come and share with us.

The primary discussion was devoted to following up on the recent Mutual Ministry Review (MMR), May 9. At the MMR we affirmed that St Benedict is in a period of discernment to review different models of ministry. It was decided that as we transition from having George as our vicar, to use this time to consider with the congregation, the models of ministry which could best enable SBC to do what God is calling us to do. When George accepts a new call we will ask the Bishop for an interim priest, and continue examining different models as part of our Search.

Dear Ones,
We are coming to the end of Easter. Here’s a couple of great things to mark on your calendar:

Pentecost May 24 Wear your RED!!

June 7: Guest Preacher Sandi Carter will be with us.
Sandi is the Senior Warden at Christ Church Puyallup and they are currently in an interim situation. They are also discerning what the future of their church will look like. We will have the chance to talk with Sandi after both services ask questions, get ideas for the future of Saint Benedict as you consider what comes next.

It's spring at St. Benedict's. Come and share Christ's love with us. Services at 8 & 10:30.

Celebration of a life well lived and loved- May 6. At St. Benedict Episcopal Church.
Happy with the Lord, Shirley Ryder.

Our blessed friend Rev. David Alkins died this past Monday. The memorial is being planned at Saint Peter’s in Seaview, Washington for May 31.

The Rev. George Anne McDonnell shares her thoughts on Reconciliation.

Can you relate to Dr. Who's spaceship, Tardis - Time and Relative Dimension in Space? Rev. George Anne McDonnell talks with our youth about Lent.

May 30
Sat 9:00am

To raise awareness concerning issues of sexual and emotional abuse, and to provide tools for prevention that we can all use to protect our children from harm, promote safety and bring healing, the Diocese requires this training for clergy , youth workers, volunteers, and bishop's committee members. The training session is four hours and needs to be accomplished once every four years. This program is mandatory for all those who share their gifts of ministry with our children and is open to interested parishioners as well.

We are currently reading The Shack and The Shack Revisited by William P. Young.

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